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 On April 1, 2006, Idemitsu Kosan and Mitsubishi Corporation merged the Idemitsu Gas and Life Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Liquified Gas Co., Ltd. to form Astomos Energy Corporation, based on a common desire to "create a completely new and competitive energy company by consolidating all facets of LPG import, trading, domestic distribution and sales so that the company can leverage its larger scale and synergy." Through this merging Astomos became the largest LPG-specialized supplier in the world, and the top LPG company in Japan commanding 20% of the domestic share.
 LP gas is one of the backbones of Japan's energy supply used by more than half of the approximately 50 million households. Similar to natural gas, LP gas is a clean and environmentally friendly form of energy. And its distributed supply is much more resilient to natural disasters. LP gas is positioned in Japan's Basic Energy Plan as a form of energy whose demand should be increased into the future.
 Astomos Energy is committed to providing our customers' homes and businesses with a warm future with reliable life by leveraging the effects of this merging that allows us to improve our LPG supply capabilities, consolidate human resources, and expand our sales and supply networks that we create with our dealerships and business partners.
Please expect great things from Astomos Energy in the present and in the future.